Insight strives to represent your personal and professional interests. 

Just as you need to meet the client’s criteria, the client and the company must meet your personal and professional interests as well. 

We want you to be as confident in the future you may have with one of our client companies as we are.

Interview Preparation
As part of our interview preparation process, we provide you information regarding the company and the position that you are pursuing. We think it is important for you to understand where a company has been and where the company is going. We believe it is important for you to know as much as you can about the organization to set you up for success. We offer personalized interview coaching and techniques prior to meeting with one of our clients. This process enables you to be well informed and confident during the actual interview process.

We also provide a series of potential interview questions. In reviewing the questions, you are afforded the opportunity to consider situations you have encountered relative to each question, the actions you took and the quantifiable results of the experiences that you are conveying during an interview.

Interview Logistics
  • We arrange and coordinate the timing of your interview with our client(s).
  • We work with you prior to the interview to ensure you are well prepared.
  • Once you’ve completed your interview we discuss your thoughts regarding the position, company, and culture to discover if you have an interest in moving forward.
  • We also discuss your interview with the employer’s hiring manager and provide you with feedback regarding your interview. We share positive and constructive feedback as coaching tools for future interviews or searches.
  • We are involved with our clients in putting together an equitable, compensation package and job offer for you, the candidate. This process includes continued candidate interaction and support during the acceptance process (physical examinations, reference checks, etc) or with client offer negotiations as needed.
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